[September 9, 2021] Appro-Rx, a national prescription benefit management company located in Waynesville, Ohio, recently partnered with the Pharmacy Podcast Network to launch the More-On PBM’s podcast. Hosted by CEO, Kyle Fields, this podcast digs into the dark corners of the unregulated PBM business practices and sets the record straight. 


Appro-Rx uses Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) technologies to provide customers with prescription drug claims processing, prescription benefit management tools and other IT needs. Fields decided to launch the More-On PBM’s podcast because, “Employers, Pharmacists, CEOs, CFOs and governments need to know there is a better PBM solution and they actually have options in 2021 to move away from the PBM oligarchs those with their hands in their pockets. Employers know the system is broken and they need a voice. I am that voice and the best way to get the news out there is a no holds barred approach to deliver the message and grow the Appro-Rx business and its partners.”


The Pharmacy Podcast Network has over 20 different podcast programs and over 30 different co-hosts helping to develop audio content about different subjects in pharmacy and delivers a unique publication to all healthcare professionals. Over the last ten years, the podcast publication has gathered over 75,000 listeners with over one million downloads and Appro-Rx is thrilled to be included in their line-up. 


This month’s podcast episode featured guest Mike Baldzicki, Executive Vice President, Growth & Strategy, of AscellaHealth, LLC. In August, AscellaHealth, a global Specialty Pharmacy and Healthcare services organization, and Appro-Rx partnered to provide specialty pharmacy services for improved patient outcomes and lower payer costs. Baldzicki says, “We are thrilled to partner with Appro-Rx and provide our innovative Specialty Pharmacy services and solutions to their members. Our groundbreaking partnership serves to advance compliance and persistency in specialty pharmacy and enhance the patient journey, while helping payers mitigate exorbitant specialty pharmacy costs.”



Appro-Rx is a growing Health Information Technology (HIT) company dedicated to payer medical cost reduction and improvement in patient health outcomes via their provider network. Through the use of Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) technologies, Appro-Rx provides customers with prescription drug claims processing, prescription benefit management tools and other IT needs.


The principles of Appro-Rx believe strongly that the PBM model is broken, and we have set out to be industry game changers. We are targeting current practices – spread pricing on prescription drugs, manufacturers’ rebates and mandatory mail order programs that benefit PBMs instead of employers and patients. Our mission to bring pricing fairness and transparency to the PBM industry will enable employers to realize significant cost savings and improved health outcomes for their employees.



AscellaHealth is a global Specialty Pharmacy and Healthcare services organization serving payers, providers, life sciences and patients, offering a comprehensive portfolio of customized, tech-enabled specialty pharmaceutical and medical management services. An Inc. 5000 2021 winner, AscellaHealth’s unique, patient-centric approach is built upon proprietary technology processes for innovative programs and services optimizing health outcomes and quality of life for patients with complex chronic conditions or rare diseases that require specialty medications and/or gene and cell therapies. Visit www.AscellaHealth.com.