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Redefining Pharmacy Benefit Management

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Distinctive Appro-Rx Approach to Affordable Healthcare

At Appro-Rx, our goal is simple, to make the prescriptions your company needs affordable. We do this by focusing on the transparency of our process and building trust with our customers. Unlike other PBM companies, who tend to be focused on shareholder profits, we are focused on giving you the healthcare you need.    

What Makes Appro-Rx Different? 

We are born out of the need for meaningful reform for the PBM industry. We put the employer and patient first in every aspect of our business. Our carved-out benefits model lets your company keep the same insurance while we manage your benefits.  

Commitment to Customers 

Lower prescription costs and pharmacy savings are possible when you work with Appro-Rx. Our business model is not set up to appease stockholders and we do not prioritize incentive-laden contracts with big pharmacy companies.  

Expertise and Experience 

Appro-Rx's leadership team has years of experience cutting through the convoluted industry of PBMs to deliver you the prescriptions you need at a reasonable rate. Our team has worked in the PBM industry for decades and we know what it takes to fulfill your pharmacy needs at the best prices without cutting corners.

Awards and Recognition 

Appro-Rx is honored to be awarded for our contributions to lessening the costs of prescription medication. Kyle Fields, CEO of Appro-Rx was listed as one of Dayton’s 40 under 40.

In addition, Appro-Rx has been awarded the

    • 2013 Cincinnati Healthcare Hero Award for Innovation
    • Pharmacy Times 2011 Pharmacy Entrepreneur of the Year
    • 2014 Family Business Award
    • Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce 2012 Professional Business of the Year
  • Springboro Chamber of Commerce 2013 Professional Business of the Year

Serving Businesses Like Yours!

At Appro-Rx we put patients and employers first. It’s all about simple terms, 100% rebate pass-throughs, and customizable pharmacy networks to get the healthcare you need at prices you can afford. 

Find out how we can help you. Contact us for more information!

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