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Our Leadership

The Innovators Behind Affordable Prescriptions

Our team is made up of passionate and creative individuals who have been working for over a decade to lower prescription costs. Meet our team below to learn what they do every day to bring transparency to pharmacy benefits management.



CEO, Business Division

Kyle has been the owner of Appro-Rx since 2008 and has served as President and COO since 2010 and CEO since 2016. Kyle oversees all aspects of the daily operations at Appro-Rx including sales, plan implementation, call-center operations, member and pharmacy help desk, contract negotiations, client retention and acquisition, government relations, and quality control. Kyle has an extensive background in Insurance and Insurance management, government relations, government finance, and extensive business and contract negotiating experience.

Kyle is a former Waynesville City Councilman and was named to the 2014 40 Under 40 of Dayton, Ohio. Kyle has also been featured as a contributor on Squawk Box on CNBC and speaks nationally on all matter pertaining to Pharmacy and Pharmacy Benefit Management.




Lauren has been with Appro-Rx since April of 2016. She currently serves as President of the company. In this role, she helps develop and maintain relationships with partners and/or potential clients. She also manages the daily operations and employees, assists with marketing, sales, business development, and implementing new business initiatives.

Lauren has a bachelor’s degree in Cellular/Molecular Biology and is a certified and licensed pharmacy technician. She was named a Goering Center for Family and Private Business Rising Leader in the Business Growth Category in 2017/2018.



COO/Director of Major Accounts

Hannah has been with Appro-Rx since August of 2018. As COO/VP of Major Accounts, Hannah is a key member of the senior management team. She maintains control of the diverse business operations and has proven to be an experienced and efficient leader. 

Using her excellent people skills, business acumen and exemplary work ethic, Hannah has been able to guide the company to new controlled growth. She holds a bachelor's degree from Ohio Northern University in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business.



Senior Director of Accounts

Kristina has been with Appro-Rx since August of 2018. As Senior Director of Accounts, she is responsible for managing day to day operations for each of her clients as well as assisting other members of our team with their client needs. Kristina is a Certified Pharmacy Technician and Certified Professional Coder. She has experience at the retail and mail order pharmacy level.

Before coming to Appro-Rx, she worked as a Lead Quality Assurance Analyst for a third-party vendor who worked with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to manage their copay card and patient assistance programs.



Director of Pharmacy

Jordan has been with Appro-Rx since April of 2019. As Director of Pharmacy, Jordan oversees prior authorizations, clinical inquiries, and applies evidence-based medicine to achieve positive outcomes for Appro-Rx’s clients and members.

Jordan attended The University of Cincinnati and studied chemistry for his undergraduate degree. Jordan went on to get his doctorate at Cedarville University’s School of Pharmacy. Jordan has 6 years of hospital and retail pharmacy experience. In his free time, Jordan enjoys time with his wife, Naomi, and their beautiful daughter.



Director of Accounts

Martha has been with Appro-Rx since July of 2019. She started working as a Client Solutions Specialist and is now the Director of Accounts. Martha helps manage clients and maintain the relationships we have. She also helps our members with any issues that may arise.

Martha has been working in pharmacy and customer service for 10+ years. She is a certified pharmacy technician and has worked in a long-term care pharmacy as well as mail-order.

Casey England


Director of Client Solutions

Casey has been with Appro-Rx since December of 2019. As Director of Client Solutions, she works daily to ensure members are able to get the most out of their benefits, with the least amount of disruption possible. She also works our clinical team for Prior Authorization requests each day to prevent members from being prescribed medications you may not need. She is a licensed Pharmacy Technician and previously worked as a Pharmacy Technician in a Long-Term Care setting.



Director of Business Development

Jen started with Appro-Rx in May of 2023. Her background includes customer service, business development, and she is an experienced healthcare professional skilled in relationship building, sales, team growth and strategies. 
Jen is a dynamic individual with a passion for helping others and embodies a unique blend of qualities that make her stand out. With a keen intellect and an insatiable curiosity, she is a lifelong learner who thrives on new challenges. One of the things that makes Jen special is her ability to talk to anyone about anything. She has serious talent when it comes to communication, which has earned her the reputation as the go-to person for resources.
With a heart full of kindness and determination, Jen isn't just a Business Development Director, she is a visionary person. She has a special way of leaving a mark on everyone she meets. Remember, life's all about reaping what you sow, and Jen is living proof that it's a great way to live.


Director of Sales and Marketing

After doing contract design and marketing work for Appro-Rx since 2016, Andy officially joined our staff in September of 2023. Along with overseeing all marketing materials, Andy's roles include sales, plan implementation and client retention.
Andy holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University. He has owned and operated a sign and promotional products company (Designs Now) since 1996.


Director of Administration

Erin Bunn is the Director of Administration for Appro-Rx and Fields Family Enterprises. Erin joined the company in April of 2024.

She has a wide variety of responsibilities within the companies, including managing the workflow between various departments and overseeing cash flow. In addition to those tasks, she is also responsible for human resource tasks, including payroll and benefits.



Director of Client Development 

Julie has been with Appro-Rx since 2024. As the Director of Client Development, she leads comprehensive strategies to enhance client engagement and drive business growth. Julie's focus on networking, sales, business development, and marketing allows her to orchestrate initiatives that expand market reach and secure valuable partnerships.

Before joining Appro-Rx, Julie worked as a dental hygienist, where she perfected her skills in performing comprehensive dental cleanings, administering preventive treatments, and educating patients on oral hygiene practices. Her commitment to personalized care and dedication to her previous patients translate seamlessly into her role at Appro-Rx, ensuring a high level of service and client satisfaction.


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